Saratoga Springs. It's all here.

It's rich history dating back to a time when Native Americans ruled the lands, only begins to explain why Saratoga Springs is one of our country's most impressive destinations. Before the horses and it's impeccable Victorian era, the region was first described as a seemingly magical place, not just for it's beauty but for what lies beneath it's surface. Saratoga Spring's naturally carbonated water broke to the surface due to a geographical fault centuries ago, leaving us with the enchanting springs you see around the city today. Ever since the Native Americans discovered these natural springs they have been proclaimed to possess healing properties with restorative powers to the human mind, body and soul.

Today, the mineral spas, like the Roosevelt Baths, as well as the 21 natural springs found all over Saratoga remain as popular attractions to enjoy and find rejuvenation in.

Sounds like a relaxing area, right? Well, don't close your eyes and doze off into relax mode, just yet. Saratoga is vivid, alive, and has more to offer than anyone can imagine.

Whether you are looking to explore history at one of the many museums or historic spaces, to name a few; Canfield Casino, Automobile Museum, Museum of Racing, Museum of Dancing, Yaddo Garden, or making memories for your own history book by boating on Saratoga Lake, golfing at a nationally recognized golf course, playing your luck at the Saratoga Casino and Raceway, hiking nearby mountains of the Adirondacks, shopping at one of a kind boutiques, attending concerts at Upstate New York's premier entertainment venue, browsing through various art displays by local artists, laughing out loud to a headliner comedy show, or perhaps you prefer strolling around the city until you're captured into Saratoga Spring's magnificence.

At dusk, the excitement begins all over again. The vast, vibrant nightlife and exceptional palette of various eats and spirits, makes a night out on the town always unforgettable...unless you had one too many on Caroline Street.

The city welcomes you, your friends and family (dog families always welcomed!) to add to its rich history in making smiles and memories for a lifetime.

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