Our Story

It all started with the love from a grandmother, who incidentally wasnt shy to bring her young grandson to the local bowling alley where she played Off Track Betting. The crisp, white tickets sat on the dirty alley bar while the grandmother scanned the list of horses for the next race. The flipping of her program was met with nearby sounds of cheers and grunts; everyone in the room was staring up at the television.The excitement of the room stole the young boys attention as he whipped back towards his grandmother in hopes for her to answer his curiosity. His grandmother noticed his interest, especially now that he was hovered over her shoulder, and gently said, How about we pick the horses in the next race, together!

That grandson is Dan Furman.

Every story has a beginning. But not every story is told. For Dan, his story of horse handicapping became widespread because of his first winning at Saratoga Race Track in 2014. It was an exotic bet at one of the hardest racetracks in America, and the horse finished like a true fairytale. It was a story worth telling even if it didn't pay out the whopping $115,000

From then on, Dan became notorious in the area for being the guy who knew how to pick the horses, or just that guy who got really lucky! Before then, no one knew or cared about his talents as a horse handicapper until the 2014 story was released (all thanks to a group of social media queens who hashtagged and selfied the excitement as it unfolded...#thanksgirls).

Our story continues with the birth of a local Dan fan base, which became overwhelming large. And being that Dan is only one man, he couldn't answer everyone's messages to GET IN on his horse picks. Instead, an idea was born: Lets mix the love of horse racing, continue helping others, and create a working business model from all this attention! Oh, and lets call it, Just the Tip (we'll save that story for some other time, kids). And there you have it, on July 1st 2016 Just the Tip was launched online.

But wait there is more! Just the Tip has helped over 1,000 individuals, all who used our services at the 2016 Saratoga meet.

Our story is just beginning, so let's end with a funny disclosure rant:

No one understands what luck is, as many just say it to say it instead of believing in a real energy force. In our opinion, you make your own luck and shit just happens, like when the favorite horse gets stuck in the gate. In the end, no one person can really knows what's going to happen on the track, thats why it's called gambling, but more importantly that's why it gives you that intense rush of adrenaline.

For all we know our jockey could of been out the night before throwing back car bombs!

Nonetheless, you can depend on us for showing up, working for you every day of racing. We are different and effective than other horse picks because we study, constantly. Statistics and historical references are our skills, but we are valuable because of our dedication and exploration to each and every race. We aren't afraid to play the longshot, and neither should you. We are Just the Tip, and we #betsmarter

Being 1 year old, we want to thank everyone for entrusting us at Saratoga. Our mission is to help you leave a winner, and every smile we create adds to why we do what we do. We turned our passion into shareable knowledge through a fun enterprise And yes, in 2016 at the Saratoga Race Track meet, Dan Furman grossed over $500,000 in winning bets. So why not give Just the Tip a whirl or two?