Your Saratoga Race Course

The commotion. The tension. The adrenaline. Will your horse win?

All these thoughts and feelings race through your body whether it’s a $400 to win or a $2 exacta box bet on the line, it’s those final moments that bring us all together with a giant gasp.

Red and white pinstripes might not be your ideal color scheme, but when you see the vibrant, summer combination at Saratoga Race Course don’t you feel a small wave of goosebumps pop up? Or, do you just think of Mary Poppins, we hope that’s not why we get those chills either…HA!

The togetherness of a picnic table section: Dozens to hundreds of people gather around a television section, typically shaded under those nostalgic pinstripe awnings, which covers TVs in every direction. Sometimes you know your neighbor, but typically you don’t. As the race goes on you seem to create a magnetic bond of cheers and energy together. After the race finishes, a high-five or an acknowledged, synchronized shrug is typically the norm to your newly acquainted neighbor…but, whatever floats your boat is your business.

Hats. Hats. Hats. Our basic breakdown of what the sport of horse racing consist of begins with acknowledging the group of talented athletes who in fact are on the smaller spectrum of men and women sizes; they are the jockeys. The jockeys ride and guide on top of the magnificent athletes who are the beautiful, strong thoroughbred horses. Most the time, the jockeys don’t have time to look into the crowd while the animals could care less if you wore a fascinator or not (unless horses really are smarter than humans…because we sure don’t know what a fascinator is). Now, let’s add the elements of mud, danger, anticipation and [big] excitement. All which can cause some serious wardrobe malfunctions (we estimate at least 75 drinks a race are spilled on someone, typically on the best dressed in the vicinity). But, no matter the high chances of you ruining your favorite heels or dropping Shake Shack on your new trousers, almost everyone will still dress to impress like they are instagram models for @fashionattheraces . More than likely, you have put together a better outfit to attend the historic Saratoga Race Course than for your cousins wedding (sorry cousin Jamie) or perhaps your child’s Bat Mitzvah.

So, is horse racing, especially in Saratoga Springs, more than just winning? Well, you tell me. Share your favorite thing about Saratoga Race Track with us today!

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